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Prayer for the situation in Ukraine and Russia

The Joint Public Issues Team of the United Reformed Church, Methodist Church and Baptist Union has issued the following prayer:

God of all,
with alarm and concern we bring before you
the military intervention in Ukraine.

In a world you made for peace and flourishing,
we lament the use of armed force.

We mourn every casualty of this conflict,
every precious life extinguished by war.
We pray comfort for those who grieve
and those who are fearful.

Hear our longing that leaders and nations
will honour the worth of all people
by having the courage
to resolve conflict through dialogue.

May all our human failings be transformed
by your wonderful grace and goodness.

We ask this in the name of Christ,
the author of peace and sustainer of Creation.


A prayer from the CPCE

Through the Communion of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE), the United Reformed Church has relationships with churches in both Ukraine and Russia. A few days ago the CPCE issued a liturgy for peace with contributions from various church leaders in the region. It includes the following prayers from the Lutheran Church in Russia and the Orthodox Church in Ukraine:

Almighty God, you know how little strength we have to stand up to the abuse of power, corruption and violence.

Strengthen us with your irresistible strength so that we do your will and make your light of truth shine here on earth. Free us from the hardships of war. May those who have lost their homes find new places to stay, give the hungry food, comfort those who weep, unite those who are separated.

Make us instruments of your peace and your righteousness, and equip us with all that is necessary to serve our fellow human beings. Do not allow your church to lose anyone out of anger towards their fellow humans and relatives; instead, like a generous God, give us reconciliation soon.

Above all, strengthen our faith, revive our hope and teach us to love.

Preserve us from the arbitrariness of the powerful of this world and lead them to recognise their limits.

Bless us with your peace so that we can work together, hand in hand, for a more free and just society, to your praise and glory.


Prayer for Peace from Northern Synod Moderator, Revd Dave Herbert

Eternal God,

As we are overshadowed once again by war,
We lift up before you
The innocents and vulnerable,
The victims of violence and cruelty,
Along with all who continue to sow the seeds of hate.

In the fog of war
Where truth is the first victim,
May your light, which cannot be overwhelmed,
expose the truth.

Grant to world leaders and all in positions of power today
Not only the wisdom
But also the courage
To do what is right in your sight.

Grant all who turn to you
your strength and fortitude,
Your inner peace,
Along with a continuing faith in your sovereign power,
In the face of military might.

All this we pray in the name of the Prince of Peace,
Jesus Christ,
Our living Lord and Saviour.

A prayer for Ukraine by the Revd Inderjit Bhogal

Holy God,

We hold before you all who live close to war and conflict; and all who live close to the threat of war and violence.
We remember especially at this time, people in Ukraine and Russia. We pray for nonviolence and peaceful resolutions of conflict.
Give us hearts of hospitality and sanctuary, forgive us all our hostility and hatred.
Bring all people to the humanity you give us, and to the reconciliation and healing for which you gave your life.
Strengthen us all to work with you to build justice and peace, reconciliation and healing, in our hearts and homes, in our streets, in all communities, neighbourhoods and nations.
Bless all who live lives for the peace and wellbeing of others, and make their service fruitful.
In the name of Christ.

By the Revd Inderjit Bhogal, Honorary President, The Fellowship of Reconciliation https://for.org.uk/